The Urban Land Conservancy Atlas
The purpose of this atlas is to display the impact of the Urban Land Conservancy’s (ULC) work in the Metro Denver area and the economic factors that prompt our attention with maps. Mapping Denver’s inequities spatially allows us to better understand our communities of focus, and pinpoint opportunities for impactful projects that support ULC’s mission.
Along with ULC's Communications Director, I designed and authored this to serve as marketing material for local partners and those who wanted an in-depth understanding of ULC.
The Denver Regional Equity Atlas
The Equity Atlas was developed by Mile High Connects to inform the development of strategies to ensure that existing and expanding transit systems provide greater access from affordable housing to jobs, good schools, health care and other essential services.
The Atlas is a visual representation of demographics, education, employment, health care and housing in relation to transit. The Atlas helped Mile High Connects identify both areas of greatest opportunity and greatest need prior to developing its strategic plan. 
As a member of the Research and Evaluation Committee, I played a key role in developing the atlas with data and content contributions. I also designed the cover of the atlas.
Miscellaneous Project Related Materials
In a process led by Radian Resources, a nonprofit architecture firm, community members from the Park Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado were invited to help design the future of their neighborhood. This video is a fun summary of the results that came from one of the meetings.
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